The importance of SDR for the sales area

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The importance of SDR for the sales area

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To begin with, it is necessary to explain what the acronym SDR (Sales Development Representative) or Sales Development Representatives means: they are people from the sales team who focus exclusively on prospecting opportunities. Unlike sales executives who close new deals, SDRs look for new leads, qualify them and try to line up a pre-sale. Many companies (small or medium) still do not understand the importance of this key element, which can be the greatest ally in the integration between marketing and sales. SDRs are equipped with information and data about the prospect and the company before contacting them and have a fair understanding of the industry, the sales process and the competition to have meaningful conversations. See too: Strategies to gain your audience’s trust on social media How to Avoid the Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes in 2023 Essential tips to avoid cart abandonment when shopping online.

What is programmatic media and what are its advantages and risks Best practices for leads that become customers The importance of the sales funnel in CRM and how Phone Number List to optimize it What you need to know about Threads: the newest social network The importance of the commercial Landing Page and how to do it Is Co-marketing still worth it? Understand why Lide Talks welcomes Eduardo Gentil, CEO of Nacionalvox, an intelligence company in Communications and Digital Technology This professional will be responsible for taking leads through the initial stages of the sales pipeline and getting them ready to talk to someone closer to the bottom of the funnel. The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is based on the number of qualified opportunities or sales qualified leads (SQL) they get every month. What is the role of an SDR? Now that you have a fair understanding of what an SDR is, let's take a look at their roles, responsibilities, and goals.


The role of a sales development representative (SDR) differs depending on each company's definition. But mainly, the role of an SDR is twofold – inbound and outbound sales prospecting. INTERNAL SALES PROSPECTION Encourage leads who have shown interest in a solution or service and have already engaged with the company through marketing channels. EXTERNAL SALES PROSPECTION Reach potential customers who have never engaged with the company's product or solution, in other words, cold prospecting. SDRs reach out to potential leads or immediately follow up with those who have asked questions or raised questions about your company and offerings. The three main channels they use most are phone, email and social media – in short, SDRs reach prospects in all directions so leads know who they are and what the product/services are about that are being offered. In addition to lead management and email marketing automation tools, sales representatives also make extensive use of CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) to carry out their day-to-day work in companies.

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