What Type of Products Can You Sell Online

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What Type of Products Can You Sell Online

Post by Mejbahul » Sun Oct 23, 2022 10:23 am

Essentially there are two types of products that you can sell online. Commoditized products Niche products Commoditized products are indispensable and mainstream products or services. Basically, they’re products that everyone needs. The majority of online purchases around the world are of commoditized products. For example, clothing, makeup, food. Commoditized fashion website Commoditized ecommerce website for DTC Fashion by Alex Capellan. Meanwhile, niche products are products or services that are for a very specific, or niche, audience. They’re usually made on-demand or in small batch runs. For example, handmade jewellery, one-of-a-kind plants, homemade candy. Niche candy website Niche handmade candy website by Mithum Selling only commoditized products in your online store (especially if they’re already sold on major online marketplaces like Amazon) will make it very hard to become successful, as you’re competing with the big dogs.

We suggest selling a mix of both commoditized and niche products in order to offer the best value to your clients. For example, if you are selling candy, think about commoditized products that you can sell in bulk (like a well-known candy brand) but then add a niche to your ecommerce website by selling handmade candy that no other store is able to offer. Finally, tangible products aren’t the only thing background remove service you can sell online. Don’t forget about selling services online too, like online courses. If you’re in the service business, you might also consider selling things like marketing services, custom videos, design templates, coaching sessions and even subscriptions online, which can combine selling products and services, depending on what kind of subscriptions you offer.


Digital products are also a unique niche that you might like to sell online. This can include things like skins for gaming characters, digital art and eBooks and themes for websites. LivelyShop ecommerce website LivelyShop ecommerce website by Creative_David Top three latest ecommerce trends — Still looking for some inspiration for your ecommerce website? Take a look at some of the biggest 2020 ecommerce design trends for some great branding, packaging and design tips. This is what today’s customers want and expect from online shopping. Motion in product images Videos, cinemagraphs, animation and microinteractions are more popular than ever, and a great way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to selling online is to show off your products in motion, rather than static images.

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Post by ClezeripLover » Sun Aug 13, 2023 7:29 pm

Looks hot Jsilv. I especially like the Dragonmaster Outcasts being paired with Ojutais Command. Was talking with my buddies about that, but I hadnt tested it yet.

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Home appliance repair service in San Diego

Post by AlexRARof » Sat Sep 16, 2023 2:38 pm

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