Neo-Haerese Adversus: a bit of Trinitarian apologetics

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Neo-Haerese Adversus: a bit of Trinitarian apologetics

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Over the centuries, few doctrines have given rise to such a variety of heresies as Trinitarian dogma. When it seemed that these heresies had passed away, due to the work and misfortune of Protestantism, the free examination of the Scriptures appeared in the 16th century, which once again opened the door to Arians, semi-Arians, Unitarians, Modalists and other heretical fauna. there and to be. The scorched Servetus, Socinus, Ferenc Dávid and others resurrected in the West that corpse that had been buried by the teachings of the Church of the great councils. And since then the deceased has "enjoyed" relatively good health. In my long years as a Christian forum member on the Internet I have had the opportunity to debate with all kinds of anti-Trinitarians. From Jehovah's Witnesses to Unitarians. I don't know if the Internet attracts heterodox people like cakes attract children, but the truth is that in recent months there has been an avalanche of them in the most popular Christian forum in the Spanish language .

Since yesterday I had to talk about Juan José Tamayo, a neo-Arian with Catholic pretensions, I thought it appropriate to copy here some of my forum contributions in defense of the Trinitarian doctrine and the full divinity of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Perhaps Telegram Number they will serve the Catholic reader when they receive a visit from Jehovah's Witnesses. Since I am going to cut & paste different texts of my authorship, one should not expect a systematic presentation of Trinitarian doctrine. That's for another day. To a TJ: Arians and JWs start from ignorance of something that is at the same time very simple and complicated: someone is what their nature is. Let me explain: why do I know that I am a man? Because my nature is human. And not only me but all men are human in nature. The ONLY BEGOtten Son of God cannot be anything other than God in the same way that I cannot be anything other than man because my parents were human. Whoever denies the full divinity of the Son is denying the full divinity of the Father.


Christians say in the Creed that Christ is "God from God, Light from Light; true God from true God." By analogy we know that in the same way that a human father begets another human being, God the Father can only beget a being as divine as Himself: the Son. And as divine, equally eternal, immutable, almighty, etc., etc. The Father was always Father because there was always a Son. Otherwise there would have been a time when God would not have been Father and then God would no longer be the same yesterday, today and forever. It's that simple. That's how complicated it is. To TJ himself: No, gentleman, no. The Son is not of lesser "age" than the Father. He is of the same nature as him: divine. But unlike human nature, which has a beginning, divine nature has neither beginning nor end.

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