Is my phone listening to me for marketing

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Is my phone listening to me for marketing

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The number one reason why CDN is preferred is that it contributes to speed increase. CDN provides this by sending files from the closest location to the users. With the sending of the data from the closest location, there will be positive increases in download speed and latency.

To proceed through the example, you wanted to log into a website from Turkey - Kastamonu whose server is located in Canada. Considering the distance between Kastamonu and Canada, the data exchange between the server and the client will take some time. However, if the website used a CDN with a server in Istanbul, the user who wanted to log in to the site from Kastamonu would receive the data from Istanbul.

Today, hosting platforms have very powerful and special server solutions such as VPS Servers. These solutions offer features such as very high CPU, Ram and Disk space. Website owners with such servers may Malaysia Phone Number List think that they do not need a CDN. However, CDN is a feature that should be preferred because the point where CDN makes a difference is to present the data from the closest location.

Increases Security
In order for us to be able to use the CDN service, you must take your DNS over the CDN service. This means that CDN will provide protection against DDOS attacks that we will encounter from now on. Almost all good CDN services have superior security technologies against DDOS attacks. In addition, CDN services regularly make improvements and improvements to their security certificates.

Reduces Main Server Load
Using a CDN can also save you a lot of additional costs. One of these costs is bandwidth. As a result of the heavy traffic coming to our website, the bandwidth of our main server may not be able to handle this traffic and there may be a need for larger bandwidth. Using a CDN also avoids such problems.


Helps Manage Traffic Density
E-commerce sites make big campaigns on special days such as black friday, and on these special days, the website traffic is many times higher than the usual figures. In such periodic traffic spikes, you can have the opportunity to distribute the incoming traffic to different servers with CDN. This traffic distribution process is called Load Balancing. With Load Balancing, you can eliminate all kinds of crashes, slowdowns and the risks of overloading the server.

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