Changing the production schedule what's the downside?

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Changing the production schedule what's the downside?

Post by rojonihafsa » Wed Aug 30, 2023 4:00 pm

Wait for the next video in the every Thursday, on the Industrial Blog . While waiting, watch a demonstration of our Industrial ERP and also follow the Production Chat .

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Changing production schedule impacts deliveries
What can happen when the commercial changes schedules without knowing the impacts on deliveries ? Have you seen this somewhere? The person responsible for sales can arrive at the factory and ask to stop production, indicating changes in the positioning of the product order. Don't be alarmed, it happens.

Many times this sales person is the owner or partner of the company and may even make threats if the required changes do not happen, even if PHONE NUMBER LIST hey are not adequate and impact deliveries. This can happen to satisfy the demand of a specific customer, thus leading to a delay of another customer, or even another delivery by the same customer.

This is dangerous and I've seen it happen several times in my experience. This is a pain that must be taken seriously.

Industry Pains
This series talks about the financial impact that certain pain causes on the company. You knowing that you are losing that money increases the chance of moving and investing to solve your problem. The proper treatment for the pain that occurs when the commercial changes schedules without knowing the impacts on deliveries is production scheduling.

Financial loss


You can lose a lot of money if you don't think about the impacts of your deliveries and make unreasonable changes to the schedule. We have some examples that can clearly show this issue. I will cite a serious disorder that is also easy to visualize: machine preparation time.

Thus, the loss is one machine hour per day and 20 hours per month. If this happens on two machines, the values ​​double, reaching a loss of R$ 40,000 per month, because the commercial changes the schedules without knowing the impacts on deliveries.

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A Case for State-Owned Enterprises.

Post by DanielEpind » Tue Feb 13, 2024 8:41 pm

Can state-owned enterprises effectively balance economic growth and social welfare, or do they inherently lead to inefficiencies and corruption? Explore the advantages and disadvantages of state ownership in various industries and its impact on economic development.

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