10 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing Lists

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10 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing Lists

Post by skywpnahad » Sun Aug 21, 2022 8:21 am

Did you know that email marketing could give you as much as a 42x return on investment? This is much higher than what you can get from other marketing tactics. Moreover, 81% of small and medium businesses rely on it to generate leads. This clearly indicates the importance of email marketing for businesses and marketers. However, your email marketing initiatives are only good if you have email lists that you can use to send emails to your prospects. It is not easy to build email lists. It takes time and effort and is not something that you can do overnight. That is why it is important to have processes in place to gather email addresses of potential leads from different sources. In this post, we will discuss ten of the best ways to do so and build your email lists. Related Content: 10 of the Best Email Newsletter Examples to Inspire

You 11 Subject Line Tester Tools to Increase Your Email Open Rates 10 Steps to Influence the Influencer (With Hyper-Personalization, ... 13 of the Best Email Marketing Templates for 2022 10 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing Lists: 1. Use Lead Magnets or Gated Content 2. Run an Online Contest 3. Ask For Feedback 4. Add CTAs and Forms Throughout Your Website 5. Get Subscribers For Your Blog 6. Host Background Remove Service Webinars and Podcasts 7. Collect Emails When a User Makes a Purchase 8. Start a Rewards and Referrals Program 9. Use Quizzes and Polls 10. Provide Discounts and Offers 1. Use Lead Magnets or Gated Content Lead magnets are basically incentives that you provide people to give you their contact information.

The most effective lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that is useful to your audience. Create something that your audience wants enough to give you their email information. This type of content that people can get only if they provide their details is called gated content. This could be a cheat sheet, guide, case study, ebook, templates, toolkit, etc. This type of content provides actionable insights to your audience and is extremely useful. Always remember that your gated content or lead magnet should provide a solution to a pertinent consumer problem. It should be something that is not easily available and is, therefore, extremely valuable.

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Post by DwayneRiz » Sat May 27, 2023 2:05 pm

Если Вы используете воркфлоу - то можете сделать шаблон имейла, и вставить стандартную команду Send Email на почту Lead-а.
При вставке команды выбираете "Использовать шаблон".
Это для случая, если Вы используете поле Email Lead-а.

Если нужно послать на Email, который не привязан к лиду/контакту - для воркфлоу можно использовать библиотеку UWT Андрея Бутенко a33ik - SendToPlainTextAddress.

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